MissionTV online now!

MissionTV is a new channel focusing on: Missions!

Contrary to popular belief, missions is very much being ignored by most people in North America, and what’s amazing about that truth is that most people don’t know it! For instance, in 1933 if someone gave $10 for tithe, they would give an additional $6 for foreign missions. Today we give $0.28! Yet there are still 2.75 billion people in the world who have no access to the Gospel. And 1,568 people groups with no Christian witness at all, of any kind. No missionaries, no christians, nothing. How can that exist in a church with 16 million members?

One of the reasons for this unawareness of the needs out there is that most videos of missions focus on what we’re DOING rather than on what’s NOT BEING DONE. This makes us feel like a LOT is being done, when in actuality VERY LITTLE is being done, when compared to the need.

Soon MissionTV will be on satellite, but right now we’re developing the channel as a streaming channel, along with on-demand videos. Enjoy!